Gas Prices

I am finally starting to hear in the news talk about the price of gas. I figured it would happen eventually. Today’s gas cost $2.149 per gallon. I suppose I should feel good since the prices are much higher else where in the state. But in any case… The news is talking about the price going up because there is a threat of war. What is the price going to be like when the war comes? How is this going to impact the poor?

Leon’s Cigars

In our midst of looking for Christmas gifts, we found a famous cigar store in Los Angeles. We found out about it from an article in the Los Angeles Times. The store is called Leon’s Cigars, and is located at 3956 1/2 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles. It is a small shop that turns out great cigars. At least that is what I was told. Since I do not smoke I am going on what others have said about it.

Palmdale Fires

This past week when we were flying to Texas to pay our last respects to my mother in-law, we could still see the fires burning toward the desert, west of Palmdale. Well today, a new fire sprung up in the mountains over looking Glendale. This one was put out within a few hours. These firefighters are truly amazing.

“Becoming Tomorrow”

SAN DIEGO — The short film “Becoming Tomorrow” had its first public showing at COMIC-COM International on August 1, 2002. It is a sweet story about a super hero coming into his own. Kudos to Kristin, Bill and Rob for producing a wonderful short film.