Ragin Cajun is in New Orleans

Sept 5 (Irish Examiner) Europe ‘ready’ as US asks for help

Sept 4 (LA Times) — Depite warnings, Washington Failed to Fund Levee Projects

Sept 3 (CNN) — At a New Orleans street corner, Lt. Gen. Russel Honore directed the deployment of National Guard troops
His staff calls him the ragin cajun.

Sept 3 (CNN) — New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin calls Lt. Gen. Russel Honore a “John Wayne dude” who can “get some stuff done.”

WASHINGTON, Sept. 3, 2005 – President Bush announced today the deployment of 7,000 more active-duty forces to support hurricane relief operations along the Gulf Coast.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 2, 2005– As National Guard vehicles forded floodwaters in downtown New Orleans today delivering critical relief supplies and helping law enforcement officials restore order, workers from the Army Corps of Engineers were focused on draining the city and repairing gaps in its levee system.

Sept 1 (DOD) Special Defense Department Briefing with Commander of Joint Task Force Katrina
DOD Briefing