Coyote Attacks (almost)

It has happened twice now. Faith (my dog) and I were out up a local canyon dirt road this evening. She was running and I was riding my bike. We were on our way back home when someone passed us on a motorcycle. It was a bit crazy for a moment keeping an eye on her without falling off of my bike, and then I saw it. A coyote saw Faith and came for her out of the weeds. The coyote’s back arched and started moving slowly towards Faith. Not knowing what to do, I yelled at the coyote which stopped it in its tracks. But then it started after Faith again. I yelled at the coyote again got Faith moving and off we fled. As I was peddling I kept an eye out for the coyote which turned out was following us from a while. This has been the second time this has happened in the last month.