Day 24 – Any hour

The church asks us to understand that Christ, who came once in flesh, is prepared to come again. When we remove all obstacles to his presence he will come, at any hour and moment, to dwell spiritually in our hearts, bring with him riches of his grace.

Charles Borromeo

Day 20 – Refresh others

Once two brothers went to visit an old man. It was not the old man’s habit, however, to eat every day. When he saw the brothers, he welcomed them with joy, and said: “Fasting has its own reward, but if you eat for the sake of love you satisfy two commandments, for you give up your own will and also fulfill the commandment to refesh others.”

Desert Wisdom

Day 19 – Penetrate us…

Our brokenness is the wound through which the full power of God can penetrate our being and transfigure us in God.

Loneliness is not something from which we must flee but the place from where we can find God. Yes through our wounds, the power of God can penetrate us and become like rivers of living water to irrigate the arid earth of others, so that love and hope are reborn.

Jean Vanier

Day 18 – Pregnant with love

You must be men and women of ceaseless hope, because only tomorrow can today’s human and Christian promise be realized; and every tomorrow will have its own tomorrow, world without end. Every human act, every Christian act, is an act of hope. But that means you must be men and women of the present, you must live this moment — really live it, not just endure it — because this very moment, for all its imperfection and frustration, because of its imperfection and frustration, is pregnant with all sorts of possibilities, is pregnant with the future, is pregnant with love, is pregnant with Christ.

Walter Burghardt

Day 17 – Do not hide

Rise up, O Lord, in defense of your people,
do not hide your face from our troubles.
Father of orphans, wealth of the poor,
we rejoice in making you known;
may we find comfort and security
in times of pain and anxity.

Liturgy of the Hours